Frequently Asked Questions

What is Club ITC?
Club ITC is one of India¿s award winning, most transparent, flexible and easy-to-use loyalty programme for over three decades. It has recently been rewarded with the prestigious Freddie¿s awards for best customer service and best redemption ability. Pioneering in simple points earning and easy redemption, members of Club ITC gain access to a wide range of exclusive member benefits which accelerate as they move up tiers, including free stays, room upgrades, dining experiences, spa therapies and more, earning Green Points on every eligible spend or stay.
As a Club ITC member, gain access to a wide range of exclusive member benefits across 65+ hotels pan India with acknowledged award winning restaurants and rejuvenating wellness centres for memorable experiences and hassle-free redemption.

How do I enrol on to the Club ITC Programme?
You can enrol on to the Club ITC Programme in the following ways-
1) Online: Log onto click on Enroll and submit your enrolment request online.
2) At ITC Hotels: You can approach a Front Desk Executive at any participating ITC Hotel during your next Stay.

Who is eligible for Club ITC membership?
The Club ITC membership is open to all individuals who are of majority age in their place of residence. Individuals may enrol onto Club ITC (subject to the acceptance of their enrolment request by ITC).

What are the different tiers of Club ITC Membership?
Club ITC has 4 tiers of membership - Member, Silver, Gold and Platinum, each of which offers unique benefits. Club ITC Member tier is the first level of membership, followed by Club ITC Silver, Club ITC Gold and Club ITC Platinum which is our highest tier of membership. You attain the Club ITC Member tier on enrollment and start earning from your very first stay. 

How do I earn Club ITC Green Points?
Once you become a Club ITC member, you can start earning Club ITC Green Points each time you stay at a participating ITC Hotel basis your membership tier - Club ITC Member, Silver, Gold and Platinum members earn Green Points at the rate of 2%, 3%, 4% and 5% respectively on eligible spends. Mention your membership number while making a reservation at Participating Hotels and during check-in for the stay to be recorded.

What is the upgrade/retention criteria to the Club ITC Silver, Gold or Platinum tier?
The qualification criteria for tier upgrade/retention is as follows:

Membership Tier Green Points Earning Qualification Criteria
Member 2% of eligible spends Enrollment
Silver 3% of eligible spends 6 nights or INR 60,000 spends
Gold 4% of eligible spends 16 nights or INR 1,60,000 spends
Platinum 5% of eligible spends 30 nights or INR 3,00,000 spends

The above criteria needs to be met in a calendar year

Where can I redeem my Green Points?
The Green Points you earn can be redeemed for a choice of exciting rewards, which include:

  • Instant settlement of bills at Participating Hotels for holidays, fine dining, spas or business meetings.
  • Exclusive Club ITC Reward Nights
  • Conversion of Green Points to Partner hotel points as mentioned on
  • Conversion of Green Points to Partner airline miles as mentioned on
  • Issuance of gift certificates to the applicable extent for Travel House services.
  • Donate your Green Points towards ITC¿s Mission Sunehra Kal initiative (a rural capacity building programme working on various social causes). For each such donation, ITC will contribute an equal amount of Green Points towards Mission Sunehra Kal.

Please refer to the Rewards section for more details on redemptions of Club ITC Green Points.

What is Instant/Contactless Redemption?
Club ITC offers its members the facility to settle their bills instantly using their accumulated Green Points balance across all Participating Hotels. The membership number needs to be presented during bill settlement to instantly use your accumulated Green Points towards your payment.

Club ITC members need to follow a quick one-time verification process to instantly redeem your Green Points through their mobile phone.

What should I do if Green Points are not credited for my stay ?
In case of any such discrepancy, you can log on to your online account and report the missing transaction online or send an email to the customer care at

How can I access my Online Account?
Once you become a Club ITC member, the password to access your online account will be communicated via your preferred communication mode (email / SMS). Using the same, you can access your online account on and view your account details.  

Which are the Participating Hotels?
Please refer to the `Participating Hotels¿ under the `About Club ITC section to view the complete list of all Participating Hotels.

What is the duration of my membership cycle?
Once a Club ITC Member qualifies for a higher membership status (Club ITC Silver or above) in the calendar year, the Club ITC Member may keep such status for the calendar year in which the higher tier was earned and for the subsequent calendar year. The new membership cycle for all members will begin from 1st Jan and the activities done in the previous calendar year will be considered for tier revision.

What are rollover nights/spends?
Club ITC Silver, Club ITC Gold and Club ITC Platinum members will be eligible to rollover qualifying nights/eligible spends in excess to qualify for/retain their membership status at the end of the calendar year (December 31st). Members can carry forward nights/eligible spends in excess of the nights required to qualify for their current tier into the next year.

What are my membership benefits while booking through Online Travel Agents?
You may earn Green Points for Food & Beveragesand other eligible spends (except room spends). You may enjoy the benefits of the current tier but the stay wont qualify for the tier movement criteria.

Will I get a physical Club ITC membership card on enrolment or upgradation?
Club ITC has become contactless. This means you will no longer have to carry your membership card to redeem your Green Points. Members have to follow a quick one-time verification process to start enjoying this new feature.
Club ITC Members can get in touch with the Customer Service Centre at 1800-103-2482 (1800 -103-CITC) (Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm) or for more information.