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1. The Club ITC Culinaire (hereinafter referred to as "Programme") is the luxury dining programme offered by ITC Limited (hereafter referred to as ITC). The same is a paid programme offering a set of defined benefits to enrolled members.


2. Member: Means a person whose application for membership of the programme has been accepted by ITC and who is subject to the membership terms set out herein.
3. Primary Member: An individual enrolled into the programme on payment of the prevailing primary membership fee.
4. Spouse Member: An individual enrolled into the programme on a membership on the basis of the primary membership of his/her spouse.
5. Green Points: Means the points which are credited to the account maintained in the name of the Member by making Eligible Spends.
6. Customer Care: Is the contact point of Club ITC Culinaire at clubitc.culinaire@itchotels.in or 1800-103-2482
7. Participating Hotels: For complete list of Participating Hotels, please visit the website www.itchotels.com/clubitc-culinaire
8. Participating Restaurants: All restaurants at Participating Hotels unless specified otherwise.
9. Eligible Spends: Are the spends on the basis of which Green Points accrue to the credit of the Programme Member and are monetary amounts (exclusive of ineligible rates, taxes, discounts, paid outs, gratuities and service charges) spent by a Member on identified brands of ITC and include the following:
a. While dining as a non-resident at Participating Hotels, except Fortune and WelcomHeritage Hotels- Expenses (exclusive of ineligible spends, taxes, discounts, paid outs, gratuities and service charges) incurred by a Member towards any food and beverage consumed at Participating Restaurants.
b. While staying at Participating Hotels, except WelcomHeritage Hotels - Expenses (exclusive of ineligible rates, taxes, discounts, paid outs, gratuities and service charges) incurred by a resident Member towards: Stay/accommodation, any food and beverage consumed which are billed to the room account, any service availed billed to the room account except banquet and conference expenses, any purchase of Essenza Di Wills personal care products billed to the room account, any purchase of Kitchens of India ready-to-eat products, purchase at Fabelle boutiques billed to the room account, any purchase of services at spas, business centres and salons, billed to the room account.
c. Eligible Food spends: All expenses incurred at Participating Restaurants by a Programme Member while dining including special menus, set menus, buffets (with or without alcohol), soft and alcoholic beverages as well as spends on In-Room Dining, mini bar and Gourmet Shops for dine in or take-away, will qualify to be treated as an Eligible Spends.
10.Members will earn points on any eligible food spends made at participating ITC Hotels, if the booking has been made through an Online Travel Agent (OTA). 11. Members will not earn points on any eligible spends made at participating ITC Hotels, if the booking has been made through an Online Travel Agent (OTA).
12. Expense incurred on banquet and conference spends and on special events shall not qualify as an Eligible Spend.
13. Partner: Is the brand of a third party entity with which ITC has or may have an alliance to enable the Programme Member to redeem Green Points.

14. Membership to the Programme is open to all individuals who are aged 18 years and above.
15. The membership is open only to individuals. Corporations, associations or groups cannot enroll into the Programme.
16. The Programme is open to resident Indian nationals or a foreigner/non-resident Indian holding a valid work permit and residing in India.
17. The Programme is not open to employees of ITC Ltd. and its subsidiary companies.
18. Membership and benefits of the Programme are offered at the sole discretion of ITC and ITC reserves the right to grant or refuse membership.
19. Enrolment into the Programme must be in the individuals full legal name, and will be processed only on payment of the prevailing membership fee in INR and on submission of enrollment form with a full and correct postal address and a valid telephone number in India as well as a valid e-mail address. Both enrolling members would need to share all mentioned information/documents.
20. On enrolment, Members shall be provided with a Club ITC Culinaire Membership Card with such details as may be deemed fit by ITC including a membership number. The card will be valid only for the period indicated on it.
21. The duration of the membership shall be for a period of 12 calendar months from the date of issuance of the membership card. The date of expiry of both memberships (Primary & Spouse) shall be the same, irrespective of the date of enrollment of the Spouse member.
22. The Club ITC Culinaire Card may be used only by the Member in whose name the card is issued and is not transferable. The Club ITC Culinaire Card will be sent to the preferred postal address specified by the Member during enrolment.
23. Existing Club ITC Members, enrolling in the Programme will be provided a new Card but will retain their Club ITC Membership Number. Their point balance would be transferred to the new card.
24. By receiving the Club ITC Culinaire card or by referring to the membership number during any transaction including a redemption request, a Member shall be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions for the Programme specified from time to time at www.itchotels.com/clubitc-culinaire.
25. In case of non-receipt of the Membership card and/or Green Points not credited for Eligible Spends after the date of enrollment, it is incumbent on the Member to communicate the same within 30 days of either of the events to the Club ITC Customer Care, in writing.
26. In order to avail Programme benefits the Member must present the Club ITC Culinaire Card.
27. If the Club ITC Culinaire card is lost, damaged or stolen, the Member must inform ITC by calling or writing to the Club ITC Customer Care at 1800-103-2482 or clubitc.culinaire@itchotels.in..


28. Members wishing to cancel their Club ITC Culinaire membership may do so within 30 days of issue of the membership card, by returning the membership card and all accompanying certificates. Refund requests will only be entertained if the Card and all certificates are returned.
29. Refunds will be made via cheque in case the membership fee had been paid via cheque/cash/creditcard. In cases where the Member had paid the membership fee via redemption of Green Points, membership fee will be refunded by crediting back the Green Points. Any Green Points redeemed, which were earned during the tenure of the Club ITC Culinaire Membership, shall be deducted before a refund credit is made.
30. Any Green Points earned by the Member during his/her Club ITC Culinaire membership would be forfeit at the time of cancellation.
31. Programme Members who were Club ITC Members will return to their previous Club ITC tier on cancelling their Club ITC Culinaire membership.
32. Members wishing to cancel their Club ITC Culinaire membership after 30 days of issue or renewal of the membership card shall forfeit the entire membership fee.
33. In case there is a Spouse membership linked with the membership being cancelled, the Spouse membership will also stand cancelled automatically.


34. Members of the Programme will earn Green Points and / or will be entitled to savings and other benefits while incurring expenses on Eligible Spends at all Participating Hotels as per the terms and conditions of the Programme.

35. The Programme accords the below mentioned earnings/savings to Culinaire Elite and Culinaire members:

Spends On

Applicable at

Earning (as a percentage of eligible spends)